Andria S. Alexander


Who am I?

My writing reflects who I am as a person which is why I publish multiple genres.

My first love has always been poetry which is why I published a 2nd edition of my first labor of love "To Love and Back".

I published "Tremendous" as my first fiction novel.  I may re-release it at some point, but for now I'm more interested in Christian fiction.  I'm very proud of my book "That Summer."  

I remember as a teen loving to read.  I fell in love with coming-of-age love stories and I fondly remember long summer days filled with being engrossed in the perfect story.  I wanted to pay homage to that time in my life, and present young adults with a story to make them feel that way too. The story between my characters Alina and Camden is a touching and heartfelt story of love in more ways than one.

As a wife and mom of 4 amazing kids, my job is never done.  It's my responsibility to raise them and ensure they go out into the world armed with as much knowledge as possible to succeed.  

They are part of the reason I wrote "Getting the Memo".  Getting into the corporate world is not hard.  Knowing how to thrive once you get there is the challenge.  This is where "Getting the Memo" comes in to offer good advice based on real life examples and stories from my 20+ years in the banking/business world.

In addition to being an author, from time to time I share my personal nuggets of knowledge and experience in my blog "The Guidance Walk" as well as on my Instagram page

I am currently working on two additional adult Christian fiction novels.  More about those will come soon.